About Christy


Finding harmony and connection creates happiness!
I have several tools for helping you create happiness in your  your life through a healthy body  connecting to your inner radiance:

Pilates ~ Teacher's Training with Jane Erskine/Erskine Fitness, Seattle and Gail Gustafson, CPI and CMA. I started offering Pilates classes and private lessons on Bainbridge Island in 1995 with a single Studio Reformer

Yoga ~  My most influential teachers have been Kathleen Hunt of Samadhi Yoga and Felicity GreenEiric Orvid, Steve Davis, Carol Wallace, Shiva Rhea, Judith Lassater, Donald Moyer,  Jenn Breen and others have provided me with opportunities to practice and grow as a teacher and student of yoga. 
Dance ~  I have been a performer and dancer since the age of 15 and have a minor in Dance Education alongside a BSc in Psychology. The choreographers who guided, challenged and inspired me include Jeff Bickford, Pam Schick, Mark Morris and Gina Gibney. I was active in the Seattle dance-performance community from 1982-1995.

Laban-Baretnieff Movement~ I am a Certified Movement Analyst, an international post baccalaureate degree (over 500 hours of study) given by Laban-Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies NYC, and have applied this method in  physical therapy and rehab as well as in performance coaching. The Laban Movement system informs all of my teaching and has helped me develop a keen eye for movement and a language to speak about movement to my students.  

I am thankful to all my teachers for their wisdom and inspiration.  
I am deeply grateful for my family, my husband Mike, daughter Sophie and awesome Aussie, Wyatt for their continued support and love.